LeT pays tribute to Kulgam slain civilians
Posted by WebDesk on 22nd October 2018

LeT pays tribute to Kulgam slain civilians

Srinagar, Oct 22, CNS: Militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba Monday paid their immense tribute to those killed in Kulgam carnage.

“The superior patience, valor, bravery and courage demonstrated by the public is exemplary and an honor for us,” Let Chief Mahmood Shah said in a statement to CNS.

“The leadership and public are on the same page. God willingly, we will soon avenge for these sacrifice.” Mahmood Shah further said that Narendra Modi cannot triumph 2019 elections by shedding the blood of innocents. India will have to pay the price of every drop of the blood spilled. “India is welcoming its very own destruction by shedding the blood of innocents.”, Shah said.

Mahmood Shah declared the brutal policies of India as anti-Muslims and anti-Islam. “There has never been a worthy outcome out of bias, prejudice and discrimination. The United Nations and human rights organizations must wake up from deep slumber so as to not to contribute to the crime.”