HCI miserably failed in providing basic facilities to J&K Hujaj
Posted by Sheikh Imtiyaz on 30th July 2019

Hajj commitee of india continously has failed miserably in providing even the basic facilities to Hajjis in Makkah. Mainly the residents of Jammu and Kashmir are at the recieving end. Lack of transport facility has been the major concern for Hajjis. The places of stay for Hajis at Azizia are 45 minutes away from Haram in public transport which is making things difficult for hajis especially for old hajis and ladies. Hajjis have to change two buses to reach haram. Moreover Hajjis have to wait for an hour for the bus and the mismanagement of buses is forcing old hajis to wait for an hour in scorching heat of Makkah. Despite being charged an exorbitant amount for hajj, the hajjis are not getting the facilities they deserve. The Hajj volunteers and officials deputed are least bothered about the difficulties faced by hajjis and are not responsive to their problems.

However, the Hujajof other countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Turkey and Pakistan are facing a smooth and organised network of transport and other facilities.