Does Your Diet Include Ghee? Why You Need To Add Ghee In Your Diet
Posted by admin on 12th December 2018

Ghee is one of the most nutritious superfoods that provides several health benefits. Ghee is the “Hindi” word for the clarified butter. Ghee is made by heating the butter and separating all the milk solids and water. Ghee has been primarily used in Indian cuisines as it is nutrient-dense and contains essential fatty acids which are beneficial for the overall health. Some of the health benefits of ghee are it boosts the immune system, keeps chronic diseases at bay, aids in digestion, helps in shedding those extra kilos, builds strong bones, reduces inflammation and is even used for hair and skin.

Ghee is one of the most nutritious superfoods that provides several health benefits.

But now a days many people especially those on a weight loss program have started thinking that ghee is bad for their health. Some people have stopped including ghee in their diets. This is because it is fattening and leads to weight gain. Well, that is a popular myth which should not be believed at all. First and foremost, ghee does not lead to weight gain and should be included in your diet. Moreover, ghee is important for the overall well-being of the person. Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in her recent Instagram post tells the importance of this superfood, “ghee” and why college kids should add it to their meals. Further, the nutritionist tells to add a dollop of ghee guilt-free in your rice or roti. This will also help enhance the flavour of your food.

The human brain is composed of at least 60% fat, and most of these fats are obtained from the foods we eat every day. Eating a diet high in fats is essential to maintain a strong and healthy brain. However, it is difficult to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy sources of fat. With so many types of fats available in the market, one may get confused as to which fats to eat and which ones should be avoided. Some healthy fats like nuts, cheese olive oil, avocados, butter and ghee should be a part of your diet. If consumed in small amounts, healthy fats can do wonders for your health.

(inputs from NDTV)